[ Who We Are ]

Because success in Internet Media Group is due to the true professionals who work in it and are willing to share their knowledge with every new employee.

Who We Are

Internet Media Group is a company that in time has managed to develop several different brands with expertise in thеir services. We represent most of the internet sites. We have expertise in digital marketing, events management, training, sports management and more. Browse our site and contact us to talk.

I.M.G. – Internet Media Group Ltd. Today information is a strategic resource for the successful operation and development of every sector in business strategy is needed for the development of information and communication infrastructure. Internet Media Group is a company focused on providing a full range of solutions that enhance and optimize business performance. Specialists of Internet Media Group are experts in the field of design, development and implementation of modern information – communication technologies and relevant internet solutions.

Jobs in Internet Media Group – What people do we need? Internet Media Group hires of vacancies as experienced managers and young professionals who want to work in the field of modern internet technology company to develop and grow along with it. Us we need people-oriented results. The result gives the actual revenue. We need proactive, purposeful people who say „I’ll do it“ and brought the job to finish. We need people who grasp quickly and use the acquired knowledge into practice.

Why Internet Media Group?

Because success in Internet Media Group is due to the true professionals who work in it and are willing to share their knowledge with every new employee. Because in Internet Media Group Ltd. many young people work, and that means the concentration of fighting spirit, active and creative solutions. Because in Internet Media Group Ltd. prices personality respect to everyone’s opinion and allows for the detection of potential employees.

Internet Media Group Today

Structural subdivisions

  • Sales Department
  • Department of Business Training and education
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Department Media
  • Planning and Optimization
  • Department of Event Management
  • Department of Digital Marketing

Corporate Value

  • Honesty, openness, decency
  • Focus on results
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
  • Individual and integrated approach
  • Professional Development
  • Аlways aiming for success


We strive for a better life. We offer solutions for your growing needs. Earn respect through our reliability and proven success. Become wiser as we learn and share our knowledge and experience. Guide for us is our corporate social responsibility. Our advantage is in the management of the variety of valuable products and the result of our personal approach to each client. Success due to shared ideas, creativity and innovative thinking. Maintain high standards in the business, which will pass on to future generations.

Work Environment

Family atmosphere. We appreciate the people around us with their work and effort. Mutually support each other and pay each other the necessary time and attention. Respect. It is our imperative. We respect our colleagues, partners and clients. Any feedback and suggestion to us is extremely important. Confidence. We are proud of what we are and what we do. We are confident that we give the best of yourself. Endeavor. We strive for long-lasting and connections with our customers and partners. Ongoing commitment to innovation success opportunities. Encourages initiatives to promote and implement ideas that change the market and leave a trail. Flexibility and adaptability. Work dynamically save maximum time of our clients. We are open to innovations and continuous training in all areas. Listen and comply with the requests and suggestions of our customers and partners. Self-criticism and responsibility. We encourage constructive criticism from customers and outgoing partner. We take responsibility for our actions in our working time. Always accepting new proposals.

People & Values

At the heart of our organization are: – people who build relationships based on teamwork, mutual respect and support – people with confidence, energy and motivation to achieve results – people who work responsibly, honestly and with integrity. The basis of our long-term vision for success is the focus on customers and partners, effective management and communication of experience.


Our word and reputation. Keep the maximum stated deadlines and comply with the capabilities of our clients. Focus on customers and partners. Satisfied customers and partners are our main goal! Leadership. We strive for leadership positions in our market!

Together we aspire further, think big, work purposefully exert more care.